So one of the things that has impressed me about this builder so far has been their pro-activeness to catch and correct their paperwork mistakes. After the initial signing of the purchase agreement, I realized that I needed to select the second level of security monitoring because I don't plan on having a land line installed, so I need the GSM monitoring.  (The house includes a security package in the base price, if you do a 2 year monitoring agreement, so  committing to $840 to get a $3k system. Plus, it should lower the cost of my home owners insurance). Toll realized that I didn't need to purchase the gourmet kitchen package since I was already getting the Palladian kitchen upgrade, which includes the gourmet kitchen package.  I wouldn't have had any way of knowing that, so it makes me trust them a little more when they don't try to make me pay for things twice.  Now, I had paid for 20% of the gourmet kitchen option in the check that I had already given them, but I hadn't paid for the custom  fireplace option yet. The costs are close, but not exactly the same, but the project manager said he wasn't going to squabble over checks and just let one replace the other in terms of down payment..
In the weeks following the signing of the purchase agreement, I've gone back 3 times to sign corrected forms. All of them have been bureaucratic, and more for their benefit, but I'd rather it be correct in their system and done right in the end, even if it's just a formality. None of the changes amounted to any monetary difference.  They needed to list the basement bathroom that they gave me for free as a charge on one form, and then as a credit on another, instead of just as a charge of $0 as it was in the original agreement. Another time, they needed me to sign a form that lists an additional garage door opener, which is included in the cost of the house,  since I have two separate garage doors. They told me that their ordering department uses these forms to order the correct quantities of things. So when they asked me to come back and sign another form for the exhaust fans in the bathrooms, and the daylight window in the basement, both of which are also included in the cost of the house, I understood why and obliged. 
I understand mistakes and omissions happen.  I'm just really glad they're trying to catch as many as possible (hopefully they catch them all) now, rather than me bringing it up at one of the walk throughs.  It gives me confidence that things will go smoother once they break ground, which they've told me will be on August 13.

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