On Wednesday, Oct 24, I had a follow up meeting with the structured wiring guys to discuss where my surround sound pre-wire would go.  They didn't want to have me decide before the basement was completely framed bacuase there is a bulkhead that could interfere with my plans. Now that it's frammed, I have a better idea of what the finished dimensions for that space will be.  I also confirmed that htey fixied the location of the ethernet drop in the office (they had it on the opposite wall of where it should be).
The project manager was also present, so we discussed a few side issues, such as the dual showerhead placement in the master shower. I thought they were too close together, so he agreed to move one so that they are better spaced. He also told me that the floor outlet in the loft was there to satisfy code - apparently you are required to have an outlet every so many feet, and since there would normally be a wall there if I hadn't removed it, I had to have a floor outlet. He also informed me that the bluish-green stuff I saw coating the wood in the basement and first floor from the ground up to about 2 feet was termite prevention.

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