So, I had my "pre-construction meeting' on Friday, in preparation for my ground breaking, which took place today. I met with the project manager, one on one. (I've met with him before. I think it's great that he's so accessible.) The first thing we went over was the plot drawing, which shows how my house is situated on my lot, and the building restriction lines, property lines, landscape easements and driveway position among other things. I could tell the houses are built close together, so I wasn't shocked to see that I have about 15 feet between my house and my neighbor's houses on either side of me, at least at the front of the lot This distance increases towards the back of my house  and I have a reasonable size back yard (approximately 60 x 30) since my lot is shaped like a pie wedge.
Next, we went through the paperwork to make sure everything was in order. He noticed that I selected a canopy/hood for the cooktop, and because of that, he noticed that I had chosen to upgrade to a 5 burner cooktop, which requires a hood since it can't be a downdraft model Since I bought the basic appliance package, but chose to upgrade the cooktop, he said I should've been credited the cost of the cooktop that came with the original package. I love it when meetings result in finding me money!
Everything else was in order paperwork wise, so we proceeded to walk through the model house, which happens to be the model I purchased, in order to discuss details about customizations. I'm not having 7 columns put in through out the first floor, which also means that I can have the "drop ladder" removed. The floor plan was already pretty open, but this should open it up quite a bit more. We went to the basement and finalized details about the bar.  I also marked out the position of the recessed lighting that comes with the basement. Then we upstairs to the second floor and discussed the loft. Since the wall where the light switches would normally be won't be there (instead, it'll be hand rail/stair balusters to make it more open and loft like) we discussed where to relocate the switches. We also discussed where the recessed lighting that I purchased at the time of signing would go in the loft area and master bedroom. The other three bedrooms won't have ceiling lighting right away because I figure that I have attic access, so adding recessed lighting after the fact to those rooms should be relatively easy. Finally, we discussed the design of the ultra shower in the master bath.
When we came back down to the office, he had me initial all of the various diagrams and notes that he had made. He then went over some cursory safety measures about me visiting the site, and told that they preferred that I make my visits towards the end of the day in order to be as least disruptive to the actual workers as possible. He also told me that if I saw anything wrong, or had any questions about what they were doing at any time, to speak up immediately.  All in all, a very pleasant and informative meeting. I'm so excited!
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Interesting stuff

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I must say that you’re a wonderful blogger. I hope to read another one of your posts soon!


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