I had my pre-drywall walk thru this morning. This was my last opportunity to ensure that all of my structural, electrical and plumbing customizations had been made because immediately afterwards they were going to start hanging drywall. (Literally, I met the dry walling foreman at the end of the meeting. He was onsite, ready to begin.). I signed off, saying that Toll has made all of the customizations that I requested to my satisfaction.
I have to admit that Toll has been extremely flexible. After seeing that I had "sprouted" a new window between the kitchen and the family room, I decided that I didn't want a wing wall separating the two rooms, and Toll removed the wall without hesitation, even though that meant removing it just this morning before my walk-thru. (There weren't any pipes or electrical running through the wall, so that made it an easy change).  They also called the pest control. contractor back out to treat the framing in the basement that had been done after the pest control contractor was there the first time. (I noticed because everywhere the termite prevention treatment had been sprayed was turned to a bluish green color).
The project manager told me that my porch will be poured this week, and they were outside installing the porch roof and garage extension roof as we had the meeting.  There was a minor snag with the siding, but it should start being installed this week too. Apparently the color choices that I was offered were for vinyl siding, which is what Toll normally uses, but the developer (which is different from the builder) of my neighborhood requires Toll to use fiber cement, and Hardi Plank doesn't come in the color I had selected. So, I had to choose another siding color, although, I told the project manager that I wouldn't have cared what he  chose, as long as it wasn't puke green. I ended up going with his recommendation as it was the closest to what I had originally picked out, which was slate. So we'll see by the end of the week how far the siding has progressed, and I'll try to get some more inside pictures since he said that the drywall should be hung by then too.
As long as all of my design center selections were ordered correctly, there's really nothing more for me to do except to watch. It's going to be exciting to see the inside of my house take shape. I know I'm getting  close now.
Shalini Chandra
12/18/2012 14:02:45

Did you hire an inspector to come with you on your pre-drywall inspection?

12/27/2012 04:14:40

No, I did not. I'm sure Toll would've allowed me to, but based on the fact that Toll has been builder of the year for a number of years, including this one, I decided not to. Also, I saw on the quick delivery that it had failed one of the county's inspections, so I was confident between the county actually being on the ball during their inspections, and Toll wanting to maintain their reputation in this area that I didn't need to pay for my own inspector. Also I talked to the neighbors, some of whom have been there for 4 years, and none that I talked to have had problems with Toll not correcting something, even after the fact.

10/1/2013 17:13:43

Thanks for your kind support and hope to see more news from you in this website.


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