Today, I had my punch list walk through.   Most of the issues were about switch placement.... the office light switch was behind the door, a walk in closet switch located OUTSIDE the closet, and the master bathroom switch was placed outside the bathroom. Also, even though I got in-ceiling lighting in every room, including the bed rooms, there were still switched outlets. I hate switch outlets, and specifically got recessed lighting though out in order to avoid switched outlets. Two of the outlets in the kitchen backsplash, by the sink, had gaps around the top of them, and there was one outlet on the very edge of the backsplash that hung OFF the backsplash. The representative pushed back, saying he couldn't move the outlets down a 3 inches so that above them can be finished properly, and moving the outlet to the left 3 inches so that it didn't hang off the side. We'll see what they end up doing.
I found a few other things, most of them minor, like paint scuffs, unlevel kitchen cabinet doors, no cover on the light switch in the pantry and two missing screens. One of the major things I found was that the middle burner on my cooktop didn't light at all, and the rear left burner lit unevenly.  Overall though, I was pleased with the quality. I just think the electrician wasn't on his A-game when he did my house.
4/9/2013 01:35:16

Congratulations on the new home. We just moved to the Philly area and considering building a new Toll Brother Townhome. Based on your experience can you help with the following questions?

1. How much deposit was required at signing of the purchase agreement? Was it based on the options only or a combination of the options and base price? Is it a fixed figure or a %.

2. There is a National Sale event ongoing at the moment. Do you have an idea of what that includes?

3. Is the incentive different if I dont have a realtor? Is it advisable to have one? You had a realtor what was the incentive structure from the Realtor and Toll Brothers?

4. How much did the structural and non structural options cost you?

Thanks in advance.

My email address is

8/6/2013 14:19:09

hi - Congratulations on your home and thanks for the detailed blog. We are looking to buy from Toll brothers but from what I read online, they dont seem to have a good reputation (in spite of builder of the year awards). From your blog it appears that things went ok for you except TBI mortgage (my only interaction with them hasn't been pleasant either).

We like the community we are looking at and like the models but we are very concerned about the negative ratings and are looking to talk to people in the neighborhood. I thought it will be good to check with you too. How has your experience been so far during construction and after moving into the house?

Your response will be much appreciated.

1/3/2014 02:49:07

I don't know if my response is relevant anymore. I'm sorry that I'm just now seeing this and responding.

My experience during construction is completely documented in this blog. I don't have any more comments about my during-construction experience.

My experience post-construction has also been positive. I am coming up on a year of my closing date (later this month), and my only complaint has been the length of time that it has taken them to respond to some of my work items. For my neighborhood, there has been some turnover of the guy who handles post-move-in items, and that has slowed down their response. I have been told that they won't be able to handle one of my yard issues until spring of 2014, even though I let them know about the issue in May of 2013. Even though spring of 2014 will be after my one year timeframe, since I reported the issue in the first year, they will still handle it. Today and yesterday they came and did the nail pop repairs and minor items that I've found over the year. For the most part, I'm happy, and even if they are a bit slow to respond, as long as they eventually do the work, and their slowness doesn't cause other things to break, I"m fine.

12/29/2013 07:52:29

Hello - I am considering the same model. My main concern is the oven location. First I don't like that it is next to the fridge, but I'm also concerned about it being too far from the island and too close to the kitchen table I would put in. What has your experience been so far with the oven? Any negatives in your opinion?

1/3/2014 02:57:27

So, I'm not sure if e referring to the stock kitchen, or the paladian upgraded kitchen. I have the paladain upgraded kitchen. That option elongates the kitchen by 4 feet, and turns the island so that it goes length wise, instead of width wise in the kitchen (hopefully that makes sense).

With the paladian option, I haven't had an issue with the distance between the island and the oven. I find it convenient that I can just spin around and place whatever hot tasty item from the oven onto the island and vice versa without having to walk or take a step. Now, admittedly, there's no 'prep" area right next to the oven.

If this is a major concern, or deal breaker, let Toll Brothers know. They will reconfigure the inside of the house without hassle, and without a major fee. I know this, because I had them put the laundry upstairs instead of in the mud room. They created a loft and a laundry closet big enough to fit 2 standard machines side by side with room to spare in lieu of a 5th bedroom. They charged me $500 for this change. Talk to them. Come with ideas of what you want, and the project manager will sit down with you, sometimes even making suggestions you haven't considered. They'll let you know what they are and aren't willing to do, and for how much.


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