I heard back from the project manager regarding the cost of having a bar put in the basement, instead of just the rough-in, so I made some modifications to my interior selections so that I could get the bar without completely blowing my budget. 
Instead of the marble counter tops in the kitchen, I went back to the meteor gray quartz counter tops. Aside from nearly doubling the cost of the counter tops, marble stains easily and has to be sealed like granite. Quartz has all of the benefits of marble (except the look), but can't stain and doesn't need to be sealed, so I think going with the quartz was a better practical decision anyway.
I also changed the carpet and padding levels in the bedrooms upstairs from Level 3 and  second upgrade level respectively to both being standard. So, instead of "spearmint" (a light gray), I chose "lady's choice", an off-white/tanish color.  I chose to make this one of the things I saved on in order to get the bar because I figure in the future, I'll put hardwood in the bedrooms so why pay for upgraded flooring? I really like the look of hardwood and with two cats, it's easier to keep clean(er)  Besides, Toll just upgraded their "standard level" of padding to be thicker, and the standard level of carpet gets a 3 on a scale of 5 for standing up to high traffic. I figure bedrooms (particularly since 2 of them won't be used much at least right away since they won't have beds in them) aren't exactly high traffic.
Notice the meteor gray quartz where the marble used to be. Also, I took this picture with my cell phone which has a flash instead of my ipad, so the colors are a bit more true.

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