So, there are a few rounds of option selection, the first of which is done at the time that you sign the purchase agreement. These options are mostly structural in nature. These are the options that are the most difficult to add or change after the house is built. Frankly, they're also the most expensive.  You are required to give Toll a check for 20% of the cost of all the options you select. While that 20% does go towards the down payment, it's money you have to have at the time of signing, as opposed to when the house is complete.
Now, there are some options that it's pretty obvious that I could add a little later in the process, and the sales rep said that Toll is excellent about letting you add options up until the time when it would cost to undo work, or the wait time would blow the schedule. Other options, like expanded garage, are pretty much set in stone (no pun intended) within a few days of the purchase agreement because they may affect how the house sits on the lot, and the permits.
Here's a list of the structural options that I chose. I've included their system number, in case you'd like to ask about a particular option for your community. I would include the price, but I found that the price of structural options varies from community to community sometimes by thousands of dollars for the same option, even within 20 miles, and I don't want this list to set your expectations about cost.
  • 013     Finished Lower Level
  • 014     Expanded Garage
  • 025     Greenhouse with Patio Door    (not really a "greenhouse", more like a four foot bump out between the kitchen and family room with a sky light and sliding door)
  • 028     Fifth Bedroom       (although, read my next post about customization because this ends up being the fourth bedroom.)
  • 263002     Enhanced Basement     (adds more steel so that instead of 3 support columns breaking up the basement, I only have one)
  • 383     Optional Bath For Finished Lower Level     (I ended up getting this for free as an incentive, but it's still listed on the options form).
  • 450     Under Cabinet Fluorescent Lighting Package
  • 457     Two Additional High Hat Light Fixtures  (10)
  • 532     Palladian Kitchen Addition
  • 90259671     Ultra Shower
  • 90259672     Laundry Room
  • 90259700      Rough In For Bar

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