These are just random shots I took. I close this coming Friday, so if you'd like to see more pictures of the finished product, or of a specific room, let me know. Also, I will post pictures as I paint, decorate, and hang pendents in the kitchen and other projects under the "After Closing Projects" And yes, it's been 5 months since ground was broken on this house, but keep in mind I signed in June. So, it's about 7 months total form the time you sign and hand over your cash, to closing.
1/22/2013 11:01:59 am

Nice post! Congratulations on your new house.

How much do they charge for putting recessed light?

What is the color for your hardwood? Is that standard or upgraded level?

1/9/2014 01:48:25 am

We loved your site. We are also in process of building our home "WoodStock model" and your details about the options, mortgage and closing was so helpful. Thanks. Appreciate your reply if you have more suggestions.

4/3/2015 07:20:52 am

Thanks for your website and info - very comprehensive! We are building with Toll Brothers in a different community and home design, and your descriptions of the process and things to consider is informative.


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