Like I said in "The Backstory" post, I scoped out TBI mortgage before I even signed the purchase agreement. I got the run around when I was dealing with their Horsham PA office. If I hadn't been put in contact with a mortgage specialist in the same county and state as myself, I would've opted to use a 3rd party lender since Toll doesn't penalize you for doing so. (Though, they do have a form that says doing so may delay closing, not that that would be a deterrent if I was going to get better mortgage terms somewhere else). While dealing with a local representative, I got my pre-approval and Good Faith Estimate in a timely manner.
8/6/2012 22:06:31

Did you find another lender? I have my favorites that I would be happy to give you and would not delay settlement.

Great blog, how can I get updates?


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