So, after a lot of grief, on August 8 I was finally able to meet in person to sign the loan commitment.  The lady was very friendly, and it was nice to meet the person who I think is competent in person. She answered all of my questions and didn't rush me. She wrote down all of my concerns (see my previous post) and promised to pass them on to her management. 
She explained to me that I needed to correct the mistakes on the original forms, and initial the corrections and sign those original forms and that she would then enter the corrections into the computer, and print new copies of the forms and have me sign those right then. Apparently, if I had insisted on not signing forms with incorrect data, as was my intention, they would've had to have started all over and entered the data from scratch because  their system doesn't allow them to bypass the original forms without having had them signed. So now I have two copies of the forms, one set the error laden set that was sent to me in the mail, and the other the corrected set, both signed and dated on the same day.  
She commended me on my good credit score, and didn't make me feel like the world's biggest bitch for insisting on doing this in person. All in all, if we had been able to skip to this in-person meeting, both sides could've saved a few hours of time and frustration.

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