So a few days ago, the guy who I hate dealing with emailed me two more forms, saying that I forgot to return them - I didn't forget, they weren't included.  I didn't point this out to him, as it's not worth arguing over. The forms aren't complex, just asking for my consent to request my tax returns from previous years, so I printed them, signed them, and scanned them in and emailed them back to him yesterday.
On a much more concerning note, I found out today that the mortgage specialist I had been dealing with locally is leaving TBI as of this coming Tuesday. She told me the name of the new person who will be handling my case, but I don't know if she is local or not. I certainly hope she's detail oriented and better than the Horsham PA guy....  Why did she have to choose now to leave TBI?
So, she told me she is leaving TBI in her response to my question about using my Realtor's kickback towards closing costs. She told me that my agent's assist will count towards the seller assist limit of 3%. Well, Toll is already giving me pretty much 3%, towards closing, so with my agent's assist, I would exceed the 3% limit. New construction closing costs are so high.... They are more than 3%, so unfortunately I won't be able to have all of it covered by outside contributors. I thought my agent's assist in addition to Toll would cover closing costs completely and I'd even get a few bucks back in a check after closing from my Realtor (they say they give a non-taxable check after closing if their rebate exceeds closing costs). I've already contacted Toll to see if they'd be willing to put some of that money towards credit for options (i.e. reduces the house price) so that I can take advantage of my Realtor's full rebate and Toll's full incentives money, and Toll says they'll do that. Now, I'll have to pay about 4k in closing costs out of pocket, in exchange for a slightly lower house price, which is fine. It won't make me not able to close the loan, just that that's 4k less to have in savings, or to buy furniture with. Still, I'm not going to complain at having so much money being "given" to me that I have to shuffle it around in order to be able to use it.

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