I had my first structured wiring walk through this past Friday. Actually, they left me a message at 7:50AM and an email at 6:35AM on Wednesday, wanting to know if I could come do the walk through that very same day. Fortunately, the electrician was still doing his work, so they were able to postpone until Friday. Otherwise, the tone of this post and how I feel about CSS (The subcontractor responsible for the structured wiring)  would be completely different.
Most of the stuff they had done up until that point was right on track.  I did have them move the cat5 drop in the office to a different wall, and the electrician needs to come back and center his outlet box in the family room for the tv. Right  now, it's off to one side, which even the CSS guy said didn't make sense. He ran the structured wiring centered. They hadn't run the wiring for my two security keypads yet, but confirmed where they would go was where I would want them to be. The monitored smoke alarm is upstair (Yes, I added the monitored smoke alarm after my first meeting with CSS because I found out it reduces homeowner's insurance.)
The big question is regarding the 5.1 surround sound wiring and the projector in-ceiling wiring.  The basement has a rather large bulk head running down the center of it, where there are two steel I-beams, instead of having poles through out it. Thing is, it messes up my theater configuration. We agreed to wait until the bulk head has been framed around so that we can make accurate placements. Also, the only logical place left for the screen to go is right where there's a tiny window. Toll has agreed to fill that window in, since I don't legally need one. There won't be a light source at all on that wall, but the door is on the adjoining all, so it shouldn't be a major issue.  So, that walk through is scheduled for this coming Wednesday, at noon, so stay tuned~!

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