The purchase agreement states that you will submit an application with TBI within 14 days. While Toll doesn't require you to use TBI, they want to know  that their in house lender can give you a mortgage should you fail to go out and get one. So, when after 12 days after signing the purchase agreement I hadn't heard from the local mortgage specialist, I reached out and contacted her.  She apologized for not having gotten in touch, but she told the builder my case was pretty strong, so there wasn't any delay on getting the ball rolling on the permits end. She also sent me the list of documentation that she needed from me.  I sent all of it her way within 48 hours.
About a week later, I was contacted by the same guy in Horsham PA who I could never get in touch with before I signed the purchase agreement. He wanted 4 more documents. (1 of which I had already sent the local mortgage specialist. I don't know if she just didn't forward it to him, or if he missed it - my money is now betting that he missed it given other mistakes he makes. Keep reading)  I sent him the documentation he was was requiring, and I made it known at that time (on Jul 17) that I did not want to deal with him; that I wanted someone local to handle my case. 
   "What happened to *****?  I only ask because as I understand it, you're not local. Also, I had a hard time getting in contact with you before, and I don't want to encounter that when I'm trying to call and lock my rate or do any other time sensitive action. Nothing personal, but if at all possible, I'd prefer to work with *****. 

   I've attached the documents you requested.  "  - the rest is about the documentation I was providing.
His response sent Jul 18:
"We work together as a team. She's the face to face contact if need be and I'm the Loan Officer. My job is work with you to get all the required documents that will allow me to submit for loan file for underwriting approval. It's also to ensure you are happy as customer service is extremely important to me! When it comes to locking rates, all you have to do is let me know when you are interested in checking/locking your rate and I will prepare the estimate and proper disclosures. With that said, I'm sorry you feel that way. Was I out of the office when you tried to reach me? Anyhow, your business is very important to me so any negative feelings you may have now I promise to erase and make this a positive experience for you. I thank you for your response as well as sending over your documents. I will review what you sent and let you know if anything else is needed. I truly appreciate and value the opportunity to earn your business and look forward to getting your loan approved and you to settlement on time :)

Have a great day"

I did not respond to his question.Whether or not he was out of the office is irrelevant  NO ONE from his office responded to me for ever a week, and I left messages on various voice-mails.
Then, I didn't hear from anyone, local or PA based until I received the loan commitment documentation in a UPS package. Now, I didn't have to sign for this package, and it was just sitting in the mail room of my building. Since I wasn't expecting a package, and packages aren't stuffed into the mail box, but rather placed on a nearby table, it was only by luck that I got it.  It clearly said "mortgage" on the outside of it.  I was livid. Anyone knows that a package labeled 'mortgage" contains everything needed to steal an identity, i.e. SSN, birthday, addresses and previous addresses and since I wasn't told to expect that package, I wouldn't have known if it had gone missing until TBI contacted me about not having returned it. The only notes or instructions that the package contained was Sign and return by Aug 3" - this was Aug 1st at 10pm that I got this package.  I immediately sat down and wrote the following email.
"Let me be blunt:  I AM REQUESTING A PERSON LOCAL TO ***************** TO  HANDLE MY MORTGAGE APPLICATION. While I would prefer *************, who I felt was extremely professional and timely, if her case load is too high, I am  open to someone else who is LOCAL.   Here's why.

    1. You couldn't even be bothered to take the 60 seconds to email or call me to let me know you were mailing me a packet of forms to sign. Not only is this incredibly impersonal, but more importantly it was risky since the ups man left it in the mail/laundry room and not at my door. Since I was NOT EXPECTING A PACKAGE I did not check the package area. Only because a neighbor who was expecting a package happened to be checking the area at the same time that I was in the room did I receive your package. In general, it's a good practice to let people know to expect a package in case they never get it for any reason, ESPECIALLY a package that has the word "mortgage" on the shipping label, which any thief with half a brain would know might contain useful information like social security numbers.... If I'm not expecting it, and it had gone missing, how long until I found out that my identity was stolen?????

     2. YOU HAVE INCORRECT INFORMATION ON THE FORMS. You have my current employer, number of years in my field and other things WRONG
            edited for my privacy


I understand mistakes happen, but when you're expecting someone to sign on the dotted line, you should at least email the forms first and ask the person to look them over. Better yet (and more secure), have the person review them in person. I DON'T SIGN FORMS THAT HAVE INFORMATION THAT I KNOW TO BE INCORRECT ON THEM AND HOPE THEY'LL BE FIXED LATER.
     3. I DON'T SIGN FORMS THAT I HAVEN'T HAD A CHANCE TO ASK QUESTIONS ABOUT OR THAT HAVEN'T BEEN EXPLAINED TO ME.  You didn't even write "Call me if you have any questions" - just "Sign and return by Aug 3"  I'm not a lawyer or someone who deals with mortgage forms day in and day out.

     Any reasonably intelligent person would be upset about these three points and all of these points don't leave me with a sense of confidence that you will be responsive when it comes to locking my rate, or that you just won't plain out make mistakes at my expense. I WANT SOMEONE ELSE TO HANDLE MY CASE.

      I will be unavailable by phone tomorrow, but I will expect an email from you and/or the person who will be handling my case from here on out. If I haven't heard anything by mid morning Friday, I will get on the phone and follow up on this.  I obviously keep every email correspondence with anyone associated with Toll Brothers and would have no problem pointing out the recorded trail of how poorly the Horsham office has handled my case. You can't take such a lackadaisical attitude with the biggest investment of someone's life."
His response which came on August 2: 
"You are 100% right I have to send my most sincere apologies!! Not that it's an excuse but we have inundated with new loan registrations as well as new applicants. We are also under staffed at the time so each mortgage loan specialist has acquired  added responsibilities. With that said, below is the e-mail I normally send out once I have a loan submitted for approval. I thought I sent it to you but that is not the case. Again I apologize for that. Please know I value and appreciate your business. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

 ---- The email he would've normally sent out has been removed to protect my location since it contained the name of a local title company and other potentially sensitive  information

Have a great day!"
My last response over email - sent later that same day.
Unacceptable. Period.

After sending that email, I saw the most glaring inaccuracy of them al


       edited for my privacy

You email doesn't address any of my concerns, and I've told you what they are. I am not going to sign those forms as they stand with the inaccurate data, nor before I have the chance to ask questions about the forms. I'm sorry to hear that you're overworked, but this isn't a matter that I'm willing to compromise on.   I will sign forms with correct data and that I've had a chance to go over with someone in person. (So yes, that means a local contact)  If you cannot accommodate this, let me know and I will use another lender.  You will lose my business, but it'll lighten your load.

I'm extremely happy with the building side of TB so far, but you are not making a favorable reputation for TBI. 

He sent a response that addresses the "glaring inaccuracy", which was the interest rate being nearly double what the good faith estimate stated that the local mortgage specialist had given me. At a time when interest rates are at historic lows, how could the loan officer not notice of all things an incorrect interest rate?  That's just negligent.  Anyways, despite my saying that I wouldn't be able to answer my phone, this guy's boss calls me at 16:55pm. It just so happens that I was able to answer my phone. He tried to convince me to cross out the incorrect things and write the correct things in. (There was so much incorrect data on them, that the forms would be more pen ink than printed ink...)  He also said I could call or email him to ask my questions. I reiterated to him that since they have representatives local to me, that I would do neither of those things and that if he couldn't accommodate that, I'd take my business elsewhere.  (Not to mention, I'm not about to send my personal information through the mail again when that's the number one way identity theft occurs.)  Finally, he said he's have the same local representative I had been dealing with get back in contact with me.
The local representative did get in contact with me via email about5 minutes after the end of my phone conversation.   I now have an appointment on Wednesday to do things in person. Call me old fashioned, but I'm security conscious, and don't want to sign things I may not understand 100% and that has wrong information.  It's just a shame that with an email footer/signigture block that reads like the following that I had to request someone local 3 times and threaten to take my business elsewhere twice before getting results.
"On the day of your closing, you will be receiving a survey from Toll Brothers, Inc. regarding my level of service to you. My goal is that you are able to answer with a "Excellent." If at any time you feel as though you are not receiving excellent service and are unable to score my performance as "Excellent", please let me know so that I can correct it. Thank you!"

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